Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Heading to see Hokule'a

This morning we walked to Point England because the canoe was landing.  I was so excited when it started.  We had to sing He Honore, Nga Waka and E Oho.

I went to Point England Beach to greet the people that came from Hawai'i to the Pacific Islands to New Zealand. We waited and waited until we stood up. We heard the sound of the conch shell.  My best part was taking photos of the crew and the two waka.

When we sat down a conch shell started to play and then after that a man and the other people on the sand were talking in Maori.

We saw lots of schools like Tamaki, Glenbrae, Point England and some other schools.  I enjoyed high-fiving the waka crew and some of the Point England people as well.

This morning we went to a special ceremony at Point England beach.  There was a waka (Maori for boat) and there was another waka coming too.  All of our schools were Manaiakalani schools. Some of the other schools were different.  I also saw some of my old friends from Point England.

At Point England I liked seeing the waka but the thing I liked most was hearing the chant.


  1. It was a wonderful to see all our Manaiakalani schools welcoming Hokule'a this morning. When you all came together for the haka and waiata it was very special ... Ka mau te wehi!

  2. I watched a little bit of what happened on YouTube. I wish I was there to hear the songs you sang. I also wanted to see the waka because I think it has had an incredible journey.

  3. The event was ka mau te wehi! The singing sounded wonderful and it was interesting listening to the speeches by the visitors. We enjoyed watching it on Te Kaea too. Room 10


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