Monday, 10 August 2015

A smart footprint

Now that we can use the Chromebooks more quickly and have learnt some tips and tricks to create a strong password as part of being Cybersmart, we are finding out what types of information learners can share on blogs.  Here is an example of an infographic that Katrina has created to share what she has discovered.  She has thought carefully about her layout and when choosing colours so that it is easy to read the information.

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  1. Morena Room 10, I can see from your blog and the teacher dashboard that you have been really focussing on your infographics well done. On Saturday I was sharing how we use Google Draw to create with other teachers and I also shared your top tip posters with them, plus the new keyboard shortcuts you demonstrated for me last week. Someone in the audience took a photo of me with your blog. I have shared it with Mrs Buchanan too. See you all on Tuesday.


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