Friday, 27 May 2016

A Celebration For Parents - by Robati

After school I went to the road and I saw my mum. She was waiting in the car for me to go home. When I came to her, I told her to come and visit my class to get my new chromebook so she followed me.

When we arrived at my class, I showed her my google drive, class site, class blog and one of my favourite pieces of writing. She read my writing and she was laughing. 

I showed her a form with some questions that she had to do on my chromebook. When she had done it, I could take it home after she had signed a form for Mrs Buchanan.  I showed her why I wanted to take my chromebook home in a video. Fiona, Yayleen and my mum were laughing when they saw the video.  I had to show them what I had to do so she knows what I am learning. Also she could even learn from me what I have done.

I enjoyed eating the snacks with cheese and crackers. The cheese was tasty with the crackers.

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