Saturday, 2 July 2016

Shake, shake!

From farm to table: we have been learning how milk is made, what is made from milk and how milk gets to our table. The Fonterra milk that we drink at school has been on quite a journey before it arrives at our desks.

As we buy our milk, cream, butter, cheese and yoghurt at the shops, it is hard to imagine that around 150 years ago, there were no fridges and many families in New Zealand made their own butter.

What did those families have to do to make butter? Churn the cream! Although our cream came from a supermarket (not a farm), we were able to make our own butter for our table by shaking and whisking. It took almost as much energy as fitness!

The cream thickened before changing into solid yellow blobs in a thin white liquid. We strained off and squeezed out the buttermilk liquid and, voilá, delicious butter to spread on our bread.

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