Friday, 5 August 2016

3rd place for me - by Leilani

On Tuesday my teacher Mrs Buchanan had told me that on Monday, when I was sick a lady called Rachel came over to our school on Monday. I was given a prize and a certificate from her for doing a good job blogging in the winter learning journey program but sadly I wasn't there. She had chosen three winners, I came third and Prudence came second and Jessica came first they also did a fantastic job on blogging as well. Then at the end of school my teacher had given me my prize and certificate to take home. I was so happy that I got this prize that when I got outside I was jumping around with excitement. In my prize I had a Rio DVD a green water bottle, water slingshot and three chocolates. When I got home my mum was very proud of me. The winter learning journey was fun for me and thank you to Rachel for my prize.

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