Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Homai Te Pakipaki

Yesterday we were really excited when Tyrone Toka, a Year 10 student at Tamaki College, visited to share his amazing singing and ukelele skills at our school assembly. Tyrone has appeared on Homai Te Pakipaki and will be performing again in a semi-final. He has immense talent and big dreams. Tune in to Maori TV to support our local talent at 8:30pm this Friday evening. Kau ma te wehi!


  1. Malo Room 10, I was fascinated with Tyrone's awesome singing talent and very interesting for him to compete in many competition and win money.
    If you were famous and received a lot of money what would you spend your money on?

  2. Malo Room 10

    It was interesting, Tyrone has a awesome voice. If you were Tyrone and received a letter to travel to any countries. What country would you go to?

  3. Kia ora,Tyrone is very good at singing! This reminds me of the x factor.Do you think he was nervous to sing on tv?


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