Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Who has the longest perimeter?

To check what we know about measuring length, we each measured our perimeter.  We agreed that we would use centimetres as our unit of measurement. Most of us predicted that Bella would have the longest perimeter in Room 10 as she is quite tall.

We worked with two buddies so we could help each other.  First of all, while one of us made the biggest shape we could, our buddies drew the shape.  Next it was time to measure the four sides of the shape accurately.  We worked out the perimeter by adding the length of the four sides together.

After finding the longest perimeter in each group, we compared measurements to decide the longest perimeter in Room 10.  Yes, our prediction was correct: it was Bella.  She made a shape with a perimeter of 584 cm.


  1. Wow Room 10, measuring looks fun, I wish when I went to school my teacher made it fun like your teacher has.

    1. Kia ora, Mrs Brough. Thank you for leaving a comment on our blog. We had fun but it was quite tricky too. What was maths like when you were at school?

      From Room 10 and Mrs Buchanan


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