Thursday, 8 December 2016

What is Teamwork? - by Tyron

Teamwork is when you work with people and do something together and have fun. For an example: when you're cleaning up a room and people help and you all do it together that is called Teamwork. Teamwork is a good way of doing things faster and better. Team: Together Everyone Achieves More.

Thursday December 1st 2016

When we were making the cake we first had to take the cake and put it on a type of plate and Pupuke had to get some icing and spread it across the sides. It looked delicious already. Then Julianne and I had to put some kitkat around the edges and then it stuck to it sort of. The next thing we did was tip some M&Ms on the top of the cake and whala there you go a m&m cake with kitkat on the sides.

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