Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Working as a team - by Solomone

I loved the movie because Julianne, Tyron, Pupuke, Katrina and I made a cake! Mrs Buchanan was recording us. When we started we put the cake on the table and Pupuke put the icing on the sides to stick the Kit Kat on. After that we stuck the Kit Kat on and Katrina and I put the M&Ms on top. Then Julianne,Tyron and Pupuke helped us. When we were done we finished recording.  I felt great because we got to make a cake! When it was lunch time, Julianne cut the cake and we got 1 piece of cake and 1 Kit Kat each.

We worked well together to make our movie. I used Panzoid to make the introduction about teamwork. Katrina used button base to make the beat for the background.

And That's What We Did For Our Movie! It was fun!


  1. Nice teamwork! A team makes friends��
    From Mrs Buchanan's favourite student "Shalom" haha��❤️����

    1. G'day, Shalom! Thanks for thinking of us. Hope your new school year is going well in Australia. All your buddies are in Room 11 or 12 this year now that they are Year 7. Wow! I have also changed rooms - I have moved down the road to a Year 5 class at Pt England. Take care and talofa!


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