Thursday, 31 March 2016

Science or pseudoscience?

After the Wild Things read an interesting article about pseudoscience in Fact or fiction, we decided to do an experiment described in the article to see if low-fat chips have less fat than ordinary chips.

We had to measure out 25 gram portions of each type of chips for each group. Then, we had to crush the chips with a rolling pin between some grid paper and greaseproof paper. We had to leave the crushed chips on the paper for 2 minutes. Next we had to draw around the edge of the oil patch on the grid paper.  When we looked at the oil patches, the spread of the oil for the low-fat chips was less than the spread for the full-fat chips. We think that there is less fat in low-fat chips but we are not sure how much healthier they are than ordinary chips. We enjoyed eating all of the chip crumbs after all that science!

Thank you Tyron and Kuini for helping to write this blog post.

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