Friday, 11 March 2016

What is your choice for the New Zealand flag?

Should we keep the New Zealand flag as it is?  Or, should we replace it with Kyle Lockwood's Silver Fern? Room 10 held a 2nd Referendum to make an informed choice.

The ballot box was opened and the papers counted. The result:

               3/4 (75%) of the students in Room 10 voted to keep the current flag
               1/4 (25%) of the students in Room 10 voted to change the flag


  1. What flag does Room 10 think will win the vote?
    If the country votes like Room 10 then the current flag will win - but we will all have to wait and see.

  2. Kia ora, Miss Brough! Thank you for commenting on our blog. We still think that the current flag is going to win the referendum. Most of us think that we should keep the current flag because many soldiers died fighting in wars for New Zealand under the current flag. Also, everyone will need to change their passport and driving licence because there are pictures of the flag on them. As voting closes at 7 pm today, we will find out the result of the referendum at 8:30 pm tonight!
    Room 10

  3. Room 10 we now know the results of the flag vote. Are you pleased or disappointed? How does the final result compare to our poll at school?


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