Wednesday, 2 March 2016

The Times They Are A-Changin'

What excitement! Mary, Kuini, Henry and Saluselo rolled out their new Chromebooks today while the rest of Room 10 used more traditional ways to record their learning.  Henry was amazed by the number of emails that had arrived in his inbox since December.  Kuini enjoyed browsing through our blog at her own pace, thinking about some of the things we experienced last year.


  1. Very exciting Room 10... looking forward to catching up on your learning and blog posts. See you next week.
    Mrs Grant

    1. Kia ora, Mrs Grant, thank you for your positive comment on our blog. We miss seeing you in Room 10 every Tuesday but we are still being Cybersmart!
      From Room 10

  2. Hi Room 10
    I'm looking forward to seeing all the fabulous learning you will create on your very own Chromebooks. What exciting times! For those still waiting for theirs, what are you looking forward to most?

    Miss Ginders

    1. Kia ora, Miss Ginders! Thank you for commenting on our blog. We can't wait to have our own Chromebooks so we can catch up on our blogs and create some new blog posts. How are you getting on at your new school?
      Katrina and Tupouseini


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